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Intervenida, 2012

I view everything as a puzzle. I am interested in harmonizing seemingly incongruous elements in order to emphasize the actual interconnectedness of everything. Discarded materials are especially fascinating to me because they are a mirror of our society. Repurposing found objects that are laden with history and previous associations adds an element of surprise, discovery, and humor to my work. The reorganization of the pieces provides the spectator a meditation on our culture of consumption and suggests a better utilization of resources, be they human, natural or manufactured. Inspiring our shared impulse to contemplate and create, I introduce new ways of writing our lives, of telling our stories, of narrating ourselves…of intervening.

"Emily C-D channels color. With a vivid, selective palette, the artist has a subtle—yet vehement—way of creating compositions both symbolic and concrete. Her art is grounded in a profound experience that is not only personal, but also collective, reflecting her awareness, positivity, and collaborative spirit.  She studies each context and incorporates it, transgressing the everyday by prioritizing the participatory enthusiasm of children and youth who embue the work with their own voices and colors. A project constructed from ordinary pieces of junk is elevated to the rhythm of a sculpture—unique and authentic, but ephemeral." —Víctor Fuentes, from the catalog for "Intervenida" at Julio Fine Arts Gallery at Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland