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Romita Garden, 2009-12

The Romita Garden is an urban vegetable garden, technical training center for urban agriculture, and community space designed with principles of permaculture on an urban scale. It is located by Romita Square in downtown Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world. When you are in this garden, however, you forget the noise and the chaos because you are surrounded by ancient buildings, large trees, and lettuce that grows like you never imagined possible in a place so urban.

I fell in love with this garden the first time I visited, and I had the great fortune to collaborate with Carolina Lukac while she was working there. With the help of the community, I painted murals that celebrate urban agriculture on the walls and the floor, and I also handpainted didactic signage to indicate the different cultivation techniques. Thanks to the time spent in this beautiful place, I learned the magic of making my own compost, and I will never again throw food away!